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Moving your filing cabinet to the cloud ensures you have quick and easy access to your entire history of submitted forms.

The cloud calendar from Mobilize allows you to keep track of your jobs and mobile workers easily and efficiently.

Mobilize enables you to send any form to any smartphone

Android phone running mobilize, with a printed form behind it

You create your form quickly and easily via our web-interface in minutes. It can include drop-down menus, tables, it can capture signatures and GPS stamps or offer an integrated “date-picker”. The form will be as simple or as comprehensive as you need it to be.

You send the form to your mobile worker who completes it on their phone while they in the field.

They will do this using the simple end-user interface, which will be immediately familiar to them because it will look just like the applications that they are already familiar with on their smartphone. Be it Android (2.3 or above), Apple (iOS), Windows Mobile (6.5, Mango or 8.0), or Blackberry (6.0 or above).

The form is returned at the touch of a button, meaning that you, your customer and even a sub-contractor will have a copy of that form as a Word document in their email in-box, or in their Mobilize “filing cabinet”. Immediately.

Just as easily, the responses can be instantly integrated into your existing CRM or ERP system.

Mobilize will benefit your business in many ways…

Speed & Efficiency

You don’t employ people to fill out or deliver bits of paper, you employ them to fix, survey or deliver things. Right? So, if they spend less time filling out and then returning forms, they can do more of what you pay them for.

Filling out a form on a smartphone means that it will be returned instantly to your office. The information contained within it can then be dropped straight into your CRM or ERP system, triggering an invoice, a parts order, a customer letter etc.

Moreover, filling out an electronic form is significantly quicker than doing it on a piece of paper. We know because we have tried, and tested it.

There are 2 main reasons why…

  1. There is no duplication of effort. If your systems know your customers, their sites and their assets, then the form is sent down to the operative with that information already filled in. Saving your operatives huge amounts of time.
  2. Introducing things like radio buttons and drop-down menus means that text does not have to be written out, over and over again. Also, when text does have to be written, the emergence of tablet devices with “smart-pen” technology means that “writing” text is quick and easy.

So things get done quicker, thereby saving your business time and money.


The fact that so much information is already known about your customers means that your operators should never need to write it out again. Using Mobilize ensures that they don’t have to.

Everything that is already known within your systems will automatically be included on the form, virtually eradicating the margin for (human) error.

Disaster Recovery

Using the “Cloud”, or to be more descriptive, Microsoft’s SQL Azure hosting solution, means that in the event of fire flood or tempest your company can continue to operate as long as one of your key staff has access to a web-browser.

Back-up of the server and its data is constant, and the system is mirrored in data centres across the globe.


The paperless office may still be some way off. But all those forms that you have to keep because regulators tell you to, and that never need until something goes wrong, imagine how much easier life would be if you could filter them by entering your customer’s name and a date into a web-browser? And then they just appear, instantly.


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White Papers

Introducing the Windows Azure Platform

David Chappell & Associates, December 2009

This California-based consultancy advises businesses around the globe on the use of new technologies. In this paper, David Chappell gives a general overview of the Windows Azure Cloud platform, he describes the technology itself in lay-man’s terms, and finally draws conclusions around the use of “cloud” based hosting and development platforms.

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When the cloud improves security… move protection to where the threats are

Bloor Research, Fran Howarth, June 2010

Bloor Research is one of Europe’s leading IT research, analysis and consultancy organisations. This paper talks about the rising threat of malware and phishing, and the ever more sophisticated methods that are being used to trick us into giving away sensitive information. Much conventional wisdom assumes that storing our information on remote servers must increase our vulnerability to attack, this document gives another perspective.

Download PDF

The benefits of basing email and web security in the cloud… including cost, speed, agility and better protection

Bloor Research, Fran Howarth, July 2010

Another paper from Bloor Research talking more about the general benefits of hosting email and web-security with in the cloud, with the earlier paper (June 2010, above) spending more time detailing the threats landscape.

Download PDF

Parting the Clouds: Demystifying Cloud Computing Options

Verizon IT Solutions, 2010

A white paper that seeks to clarify the options that are open to a business in terms of making the most from cloud computing technologies, whilst dealing with the most common security concerns.

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What do Mobile Communications mean for the Modern Service Operation?

Commissioned by Solarvista, Steve Downton, February 2012

This white paper discusses the impact that smartphones and tablet devices are having on industries that rely on a remote, field-based work-force to carry out their core-business. Not only does it make operations and business processes quicker and more efficient, but it can enable staff to be more pro-active, offer better service to customers, drive growth without increasing head-count, and ultimately give far greater visibility and accountability of field workers and the tasks that they carry-out.

Download PDF

The drivers for web security in the cloud… not least of which are the higher levels of protection afforded

Bloor Research, Fran Howarth, February 2010

This paper talks about the need to balance the sometimes more obvious business benefits of the cloud computing model, with the security challenges that this model faces. It also deals with the fact that security is being more significantly impacted especially by the ever-growing multitude of devices (such as tablets and smartphones) that demand always-on connectivity to your data and business applications.

Download PDF

A Study: Understanding and Managing the Mobile Workforce

Cisco, July 2007

This paper gives guidance on the forgotten part of a mobile workforce management solution, namely the people who use it. The financial investment in mobile workforce management solutions will be significant, and this paper gives helpful insight into how these solutions can be made successful in terms of training and motivating employees.

Download PDF

Eliminating Paperwork is More Than Just Efficient

Intermec, 2008

This paper points out that the benefit of managing a mobile workforce by employing mobile and smartphone technology goes way beyond process efficiency, and argues that in fact it will help organisations in improving service levels to customers.

Download PDF

Field Service 2011. Key Trends in Workforce Management

The Aberdeen Group, 2011

In December 2010 and January 2011, leading research company the Aberdeen Group surveyed over 300 service professionals to find out what are the key areas of focus for these individuals in terms of achieving “best-in-class” performance and thereby staying ahead of the competition.

Download PDF

Steps to Successfully Select the Right Workforce Management Tool for your Organisation

Although unaccredited and undated, this document gives useful and objective advice on how you may wish to go about evaluating and selecting a mobile workforce management solution, and even contains a link to download a standard RFP template.

Download PDF

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