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Managing Sub Contractors

The need to respond to a rapidly changing environment and service a diverse infrastructure has encouraged flexibility and diversity in the subcontractor community with the majority of subcontractors now providing specialised skills to a wide range of companies. But with this flexibility comes the problem of management and quality of service being provided by your sub contractors to yours and your clients SLAs. Mobilize, the workforce management system that replaces paper-based processes by your mobile sub-contractors allows you complete transparency and control over where they are and what they are doing not only to you but by your customers as Mobilize allows you to give access to your clients.

How Mobilize can help manage Sub Contractors

  • Job Scheduling

    Schedule jobs for your mobile workers and their device will be updated with the day's jobs, whether planned ahead or last-minute.

  • Proof of attendance

    When an asset is scanned, you'll be able to see who scanned it, when it happend, see GPS co-ordinates and any photo evidence taken.

  • GPS Locating

    View the exact co-ordinates of where an asset was scanned, where a form was submitted or the current location of your entire workforce.

  • Signal Handling

    Our mobile app instantly records all data directly to the phone; if there's no signal, saved data will be uploaded when signal returns.

  • Custom Forms

    Create detailed forms with Mobilize's intuitive drag and drop interface. All forms benefit from validation and version control.

  • Dynamic Forms

    Forms can be pre-populated with data that's unique to the asset being scanned, saving time and reducing mistakes.

  • Reporting Suite

    Mobilize has a comprehensive reporting suite that enables users to easily view all information recorded and scheduled by the system.

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