Mobilize - the smart way to replace paper forms

Public Sector

The house of parliament

The public sector is coming under increasing pressure to improve the quality of services and deliver them in cost-effective ways. The challenges faced are to make operational improvements while maintaining tight budget constraints. Mobilize provides remote workers with the information they need to do this.

Key benefits

  • Signature Capture

    Your mobile worker can use their mobile device to capture a customers' signature directly into one of Mobilize's forms.

  • Photo Evidence

    Mobilize's advanced forms allows for the capture and uploading of photographs, ready for viewing at head office.

  • Proof of Attendance

    When an asset is scanned, you'll be able to see who scanned it, when it happend, see GPS co-ordinates and any photo evidence taken.

  • Custom Forms

    Create detailed forms with Mobilize's intuitive drag and drop interface. All forms benefit from validation and version control.

  • Dynamic Forms

    Forms can be pre-populated with data that's unique to the asset being scanned, saving time and reducing mistakes.

  • Lone Worker Protection

    Mobilize features a Check-Call and Duress Code system for ensuring a lone-workers continued saftey.

  • Carbon Triplicate

    Mobilize is capable of sending completed forms to associated customers, sub-contactors and system managers via email.

  • Tamper Proof

    If a device's time and date is changed, Mobilize will correct the timestamp of any forms sent from that device automatically.

  • Timesheets

    View when mobile workers arrived and left locations and view reports on their timesheet in a given time period.

  • Secure Hosting

    We use Microsoft's Azure data centres, which benifit from military grade data encryption and disaster recovery.

  • Audit Trail

    View tamper-proof historical data on everything that has happened on the system.

  • Sub-Contractor Management

    Set up logins for your sub-contractors, allowing them to view reports related to their own business.

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