Mobilize - the smart way to replace paper forms

Dynamic Forms

The forms have the ability to pre-populate themselves based on the customer/site/asset attended. Changes to forms do not affect reporting of forms submitted in the past. This prevents input mistakes and eliminates mobile workers having to fill out information that is already know like customer name, address, serial number etc.

Custom Forms

Incorporating a drag & drop interface allowing you to create and change forms. These forms can be assigned as default forms to assets, also be scheduled to the next arrival at any given asset. Forms support version control to help with ISO compliance. Forms are validated to insure that every mandatory field is filled in and that they are filled in with the appropriate type of information

Signature Capture

Signatures are an important part of a large number of business forms, especially when they are to confirm that a customer is satisfied or in agreement to what is being documented. Our application allows the capturing of signatures on a mobile device.

GPS Locating

Recording of the location that Barcodes or RFID’s that are scanned, the location of forms being submitted and finding out the current location of your entire workforce.

Photo Evidence

Paper forms are not capable of taking pictures and digital cameras and mobile phones used normally cannot be guaranteed to be taken at the right time, but Mobilize forces mobile workers to take a photograph now and attach it to a form.


Instead of using the words “Asset” or “Site”, the cloud application has the ability to customise itself to your terminology to help employees understand what is being managed and generally fit better in to the business

Signal Handling

Our mobile apps are designed to ensure that mobile workers can continue to work with the absence of mobile phone signal. We have capabilities that educate the phone about what is scheduled to happen so that it expects it when it does and all the smart functionality of retrieving pre-populated forms and historical information is available without communicating with the server. The apps are also designed not to forget any information in the event that the battery is removed, the phone is turned off or the power runs out. This will all be transmitted at the earliest opportunity.


With the capabilities of modern mobile handsets able to scan RFID tags for the purpose of mobile payments, we are able to use this technology to tag assets to trigger jobs, forms and pre-populate information where needed


Barcodes can be used as an alternative to RFID tags.

Scan to Login

Having listened to the feedback from users in the field, we have developed the ability for mobile users to hold a device against their name badge to log in, this saves remembering and inputting usernames and password in to a mobile device.

Multiple Devices

Our system is designed to work on many platforms to utilise handsets already owned, including non-smart phones. Windows, Android, Blackberry, J2ME, iPhone.

Cloud Filing Cabinet

Moving your filing cabinet to the cloud ensures you have quick and easy access to your entire history of submitted forms.

One of the largest benefits of using Mobilize to replace you paper form is that it also replaces your filing cabinet. With a cloud filing cabinet, you not only save space in your office, but you also remove the need to archive mountains of paperwork.

Forms are availabelfrom a nywhere in the world quickly and easily. You inherit the ability to search for documents, have them sorted in any way and bring up groups of forms that are relevant to each other while customers are on the phone.

The Cloud Filing cabinet insures that your files are secure, backed up and retrievable quickly no matter how long ago they were completed.

£100 per month, unlimited users, unlimited forms

A calendar showing a list of mobile workers on the Y axis and hourly time slots on the X axis

Searchable & Sortable

Look through your entire archive in seconds using customisable search queries.

A smartphone showing the details of a job

Export to Word

All forms are exportable to Word with a single click, perfect for offline archiving or sending to others.

A completed form

Access from anywhere

Completed forms are securely accessible through your web browser, whenever you need them

A completed form

Customer access

Mobilize gives you the option to grant your Customers access to forms completed on their behalf.

Job Scheduling

This capability comes with 2 benefits, not only does this allow you to schedule what a worker is doing long in advance, but this on a daily basis, can educate the mobile device as to what it can expect will be done today. This means that once the mobile device knows what is going to happen, it no longer needs phone signal to complete any tasks. All information will be reported back next time the handset is in signal.


Viewing and scheduling jobs is made much easier with the Job Management calendar. Pick a day and you'll instantly know when all of your mobile workers are busy, and booking a new time slot is achieved in just a few clicks.

Check Calls

For the purpose of Lone Worker Protection, the Mobilize system comes with the ability to ask the mobile worker whether or not they are ok every 30 – 60 minutes. If a response with the correct pin code is not received within an appropriate time, an alarm will be raised. We also have the ability to implement a “Duress Code” which allows the mobile worker to input a code if they are being watched which makes the handset act as if everything is ok, however, raises an alarm to alert the control room that the worker is under duress and needs help.

Proof of attendance

One of the core functions of Mobilize is to record and report on the proof that a location has been attended and when and by whom. This can be combined with GPS co-ordinates to ensure that the worker is at the location expected when a barcode or RFID tag is scanned. When Job scheduling is used, this triggers the beginning of the job as the scan triggers the workers arrival at the asset.

Time Sheets

To show when mobile workers arrived and left locations and reports on their timesheet in a given time period.

Tamper Proof

If a mobile user were to attempt to change the time on the device in order to affect the records, the server would work out that the time had been changed and adjust information accordingly.


For companies that have a control room that constantly monitors mobile workers while they are working, our alarming system will trigger actions to be taken depending on what incident has occurred and it also requires information about what action has been taken for Management information reporting.


Mobilize is capable of sending messages to an individual user regardless of which mobile device they are using, therefore, their mobile number is not required. Records of when the message was sent, when the message was received by the device and when the message was read are recoded and reported for management purposes.

Cloud Calendar

The cloud calendar from Mobilize allows you to keep track of your jobs and mobile workers easily and efficiently

When a job is called in by one of your customers, Mobilize makes it simple to get that job to your workforce. Through the Job Management module you can create new jobs in seconds; either by recalling previous customer and asset information, or by adding new details then and there.

Reviewing your workforce's schedule and booking in the new Job is all done through a single day-by-day calendar view. Choosing the right employee for the job at the right time is achieved in a single click.

Your mobile worker will be given all relevant information regarding the new job instantly. Accepting the Job will present your chosen form for the Job, ready fill out.

Finishing the Job sends the completed form straight back to your on-line filing cabinet, allowing you review the results. Mobilize can even allow your customer to view Jobs completed on their behalf.

£100 per month, unlimited users, unlimited forms

A calendar showing a list of mobile workers on the Y axis and hourly time slots on the X axis

View availability

View an overview of your entire workforces day, and book a slot accordingly.

A form for filling out the details of a job

Schedule jobs

Easily input Job information, calling on previous information if needed.

A smartphone showing the details of a job

Send jobs

Mobile workers receive Job details instantly.

A completed form

View completed forms

Completed forms are always viewable through the Mobilize web app.

Customer Login

Customers can be given a log in and assets can be assigned to customers so that upon logging in, they can view management reports which represent activity and historical information relevant to them. This replaces the need for paper copies being distributed and provides an easy to use interface for retrieving historical information quickly for analysis and auditing.

Sub-Contractor Management

No unnecessary data entry, fully electronic delivery of real-time job information.

Carbon Triplicate

Combining the capability of assigning mobile users to sub-contractors and assets to customers, the system is capable of sending copies of any forms submitted to the appropriate people via email, emulating the carbon triplicate capabilities.

Data Export

Export reports to excel, this can be all information or filtered information which can then be analysed and presented in any way desired.

Reporting Suite

Our comprehensive reporting suite enable users including Customers and sub-contractors the ability to view all information recorded and scheduled by the system. There are filters and drill down capabilities that aid in producing more specific information and certain users (i.e. Customers and sub-contractors) can only view information relevant to them. The reports can export to excel or Word on the fly.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time reports are provided to display what the mobile workers are doing and what they are going to do. Also, if work that was expected to be done before an appropriate point in time was not done, an alarm is raised to notify the office to take appropriate action.

Audit Trail

Everything that happens in the system leaves an audit trail for analysis. This audit trail and any other historical information cannot be changed. The system is predominantly there to PROVE what happened, so tampering with data is not allowed.

Backup & Archiving

Using Mobilize means that you no longer need to keep boxes of archived documents. All completed forms are accessible instantly, and kept backed up on our secure servers.

Secure Hosting

We use Microsoft’s Azure data centres which have 7 levels of security from checking the employees to military grade encryption. Data centres have their own power generation to backup the national grid and their own irrigation for cooling to backup the national water authority.

Bespoke Functionality

Part of our solution enables can involve one of our analysts gathering requirements of exactly how your business process work and we will tailor the system to support your needs

24 Hour Monitoring

Our cloud application has around the clock monitoring and a team of experts on standby in the event that the application has any technical issues. We hope that we notice the problem before anyone else even if it is at the weekend at night.

Disaster Recovery

Mobilize use data centres which are constantly backed up to a twin centre on the opposite side of the world. This means that in the case of a disaster, your data is both kept safe and readily accessible within an hour.

Integration API

Using Web Services, Mobilize is able to integrate with any other application for the purpose of inputting information, reporting on all available data and triggering any other business process.


We operate a “Train The Trainer” scheme, where we will either come to your office or provide a webinar which trains as many people as you want in one session who then in turn go on to train everyone else.

Telephone Support

Telephone support is available between working hours and outside of working hours we have an extensive support website which can answer most issues, as long as we have experienced them before.

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