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“MocoTouch has brought the security industry into this century”
Sean Knowlson - Managing Director

Cobra Security

Cobra Security are specialists in manned guarding covering areas such as retail, educational, industrial, research, event, leisure and construction.

Testimonial from Sean Knowlson, Managing Director

Up until earlier this year we were utilising a wand proximity tag system that was not internet server based. This system as used by many security service providers was considered by us to be archaic and open to abuse, especially with regards to the incident reporting which is produced in a standard (editable) excel format. By now using a web based system we have saved two hours a day in some cases by not having to collect and download the old wand, where clients wanted copies of reports on a daily basis. We will potentially save a few thousand pounds a year in man hours, fuel and time. These old style readers are unreliable, randomly lose data and extremely expensive at approximately £600 each. We even have to send them away by post for battery changes and a reset at £50 a time.

Although aware of the RFID technology which I was demonstrated 5 years ago, it was always an expensive option. This is especially true when some providers of these systems specify the purchase of a minimum number of handsets. Moco offered us this up to date technology on a per handset basis at the cost of a normal mobile phone line rental. As a smaller local organisation it is important we always purchase our equipment wisely and get value for money, a philosophy we endeavour to pass onto our clients. We now use three handsets with a potential fourth imminent.

The software provided with the system is web based, so accessible from anywhere, easy to use and more importantly easy to set up and amend. New tags, clients and sites can be introduced within minutes.

Since we have been using the new MocoTouch RFID system it has proven its worth in many ways;

It has allowed me a method of checking our mobile driver’s activities in real time. The old system meant we had to physically get hold of the wand and download it in the office. Although a form of monitoring it was always retrospective. I can now watch their activities unfold on a computer screen in real time. Any incidents can be photographed and made available instantly online, not only to myself but the client, thus enabling instant decision making which often prevents unnecessary out of hours callouts of the client. As the system is also the mobile phone, the driver has only one piece of kit to handle.

When the old wands were used by static guards on site, it meant we would often not highlight any potential issues with their patrols until a week late, as it was not cost effective to keep swapping wands more than weekly. Mobile units have better things to do than act as couriers. There was also the added cost of the collection, downloading, report production and return to site.

The MocoTouch system has proven to be a great sales and customer retention tool. Historically clients take out of hours patrols on trust that they are done. No more! My clients absolutely love the fact they can sit at home and access our server to see exactly when we visited their premises. Not only do they know we are providing the service levels they’re paying for but can actually get the information themselves instantly. It is also held and produced in a format which cannot be falsified. Our clients are now actively involved in the process of their security arrangements!

We have a VW/Audi main dealer with a static security officer on duty every night. The client has had poor experiences in the past with security companies and was sceptical as to whether the guards were actually patrolling as they should be, let’s face it, the guards could write anything they wanted to in their Report Book. The MocoTouch system has given this client the peace of mind he craved that the million pounds worth of stock on his premises is being look after. He regularly logs on during the evenings to check on the patrols being undertaken and thanks to MocoTouch, what was at one point a fragile position with our client is now a constructive and strong working relationship. The guards love the system as they are not open to unjustified criticism of their performance, but also have a site mobile phone for when they’re patrolling. This helps to comply with our responsibilities as an employer of lone workers.

Having demonstrated the benefits of the MocoTouch system to one of our clients who has access to the server, he now requires his own handset for his daytime Supervisor. The site is 100+ acres of leisure facilities and historically the monitoring of his staff caused issues. We rent him the handset which is allocated to our server and his Supervisor hits our existing tags fitted to the site. Not only has this provided us with a source of income monthly but it has tied us in to the client in another area of his work. What a great customer retention tool! I am positive this scenario will catch on with other clients.

We recently achieved our SIA Approved Contractor status and as part of the assessments involved we are required to prove various levels of monitoring and evaluation of our performance right across the business. MocoTouch ticked boxes in several areas for us and attributed to us achieving double the normal score for a company of our size.

As an SIA Approved Contractor our key holding responsibilities are taken seriously. Each set of keys we hold now has a proximity fob attached as an identifier and record of movement. Our Mobile units record the holding of any keys with the handset and their return is acknowledged by the office in the same way. We can now produce accurate records of who held certain keys at any given time on a specific date.

MocoTouch has brought the security industry into this century. Clients need to make their security providers accountable for their levels of service provided by insisting on proof of attendance. In my opinion if you do not wish to use such an efficient and cost effective system such as MocoTouch as proof of attendance to your clients, then your not doing the job properly in the first place!