Mobilize - the smart way to replace paper forms

Cloud Filing Cabinet

Moving your filing cabinet to the cloud ensures you have quick and easy access to your entire history of submitted forms.

One of the largest benefits of using Mobilize to replace you paper form is that it also replaces your filing cabinet. With a cloud filing cabinet, you not only save space in your office, but you also remove the need to archive mountains of paperwork.

Forms are availabelfrom a nywhere in the world quickly and easily. You inherit the ability to search for documents, have them sorted in any way and bring up groups of forms that are relevant to each other while customers are on the phone.

The Cloud Filing cabinet insures that your files are secure, backed up and retrievable quickly no matter how long ago they were completed.

a computer montior showing the mobilize login screen, and a phone showing the mobile application

£100 per month, unlimited users, unlimited forms

A calendar showing a list of mobile workers on the Y axis and hourly time slots on the X axis

Searchable & Sortable

Look through your entire archive in seconds using customisable search queries.

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Export to Word

All forms are exportable to Word with a single click, perfect for offline archiving or sending to others.

A completed form

Access from anywhere

Completed forms are securely accessible through your web browser, whenever you need them

A completed form

Customer access

Mobilize gives you the option to grant your Customers access to forms completed on their behalf.

Why work with smartphones?

  • Gets rid of paper

  • Faster invoicing

  • Reduces costs

  • Full traceability

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