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Cloud Calendar

The cloud calendar from Mobilize allows you to keep track of your jobs and mobile workers easily and efficiently

When a job is called in by one of your customers, Mobilize makes it simple to get that job to your workforce. Through the Job Management module you can create new jobs in seconds; either by recalling previous customer and asset information, or by adding new details then and there.

Reviewing your workforce's schedule and booking in the new Job is all done through a single day-by-day calendar view. Choosing the right employee for the job at the right time is achieved in a single click.

Your mobile worker will be given all relevant information regarding the new job instantly. Accepting the Job will present your chosen form for the Job, ready fill out.

Finishing the Job sends the completed form straight back to your on-line filing cabinet, allowing you review the results. Mobilize can even allow your customer to view Jobs completed on their behalf.

a computer montior showing the mobilize login screen, and a phone showing the mobile application

£100 per month, unlimited users, unlimited forms

A calendar showing a list of mobile workers on the Y axis and hourly time slots on the X axis

View availability

View an overview of your entire workforces day, and book a slot accordingly.

A form for filling out the details of a job

Schedule jobs

Easily input Job information, calling on previous information if needed.

A smartphone showing the details of a job

Send jobs

Mobile workers receive Job details instantly.

A completed form

View completed forms

Completed forms are always viewable through the Mobilize web app.

Why a cloud calendar?

  • Access from anywhere

  • Automatic backup

  • Easy searching

  • No need for archives

  • Always available

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