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“Using MoCo has meant that we have won contracts over our competitors”
Matthew Robinson - Managing Director

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Testimonial from Matthew Robinson, Managing Director

I write to you today regarding the Moco Touch solution which we have been using for some time now. We had been using a competitor’s solution for several years. We had seen the benefit of NFC right from the start and, as a business who is committed to innovation especially using solutions which help maintain fantastic service delivery we wanted to use NFC. We started with a bang, rolling the solution out across the business. As time went on we used to solution less and less, it was complicated to use for the operational staff and slowly the supervisors couldnt justify spending the time training and then persuading them to use the system. The website used to monitor and download data was slow and so, so complicated that managers were reluctant to use it. We paid for the service for at least 2 years and only used it when absolutely necessary, and then, along came MoCo with their Touch solution. This was a revolution; it was the revolution we had been looking for originally.

You and the team at Moco have been amazing; the system is easy to use especially out in the field for the operational staff. It has reduced training time and raised standards in the company. The software is so simple to use and you listen to our needs as a customer and respond every time. We now don’t hesitate to use an NFC enabled MoCo phone in any situations it is required for. The key is it has to be easy to use for the operational staff, if it is hard to use the barriers go up and it is really difficult to get them using it. With MoCo this just isn’t an issue. The staff are happy to use the system and it is simple for us to run reports to monitor and check their activities. What more could we ask. When we say to a member of staff there is MoCo on the site they just reply with “no problem”.

Using MoCo has meant that we have won contracts over our competitors, many customers are price sensitive especially in the difficult times recently but using MoCo Touch we add value to our service. We mainly use MoCo to monitor patrols and service delivery in our security and cleaning services.

Please pass on my thanks to your team and if ever you need a reference in the future, I would be happy to talk to any prospective clients so please pass on my details to them.