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Mobilize is a trading name of MoCo Software Solutions Limited.
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About Mobilize

Mobilize is an all-new product from MoCo Software Solutions, which has been providing mobile airtime to businesses since 1985 and has more than a quarter century of experience delivering and exceeding client expectations.

But as the mobile phone sector has matured, we have moved on and become renowned for developing bespoke mobile solutions for businesses and are proud to be an Advanced Partner and Centre of Excellence Distributor of O2.

In order to more closely define and deliver what our business customers require though, the past six years have seen us move to the forefront of software solutions to underpin comms networks and empower mobile workforces.

This led us some time ago to a company headed by the Systems Architect behind Mobilize, Richard Pilton. To echo someone who famously advertised why he took over the Remington shaver company "we liked the product so much, we bought the company."

Richard now heads our software solutions division, but had already helped us develop our popular MoCo Touch product, a logical extension to our business, providing an increasing range of software and services to mobile connectivity, as demanded by our business customers.

Before Mobilize there was Touch

Touch is a time attendance software solution that proves staff attendance simply and cost-effectively - any business needing to prove the attendance of a person in a specific place in real-time would soon recognise the need for Touch.

Developed initially for the security guard sector, it was designed to allow photographs, actions and messages to be exchanged and recorded between managers and mobile users using no more than a web browser.

Mobilize takes the Touch proposition to a new higher, more sophisticated level in a fast-changing business market and typifies our pro-active customer satisfying approach to our business.

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Mobilize from someone who knows

avatar of Richard Pilton

"Everyone in the technology business understands the Cloud concept - a 'cloud of IT capability' hovering above us all as we tap into internet convenience via our smartphones, tablets and laptops - but the word 'cloud' almost infers the opposite.

Despite the name though, the Cloud opened new and wide-ranging horizons for our mobile worker communications systems, where we had a proven reputation with our existing MoCo Touch product and bespoke systems.

We were able to tap into our in-depth knowledge and develop Mobilize over the past year, with the option now to make it an ever more capable weapon for mobile workers and their 'generals' back at base.

"The beauty of Mobilize though is its cost-effectiveness and adaptability across wide range of applications in the mobile comms field"

Sorry if we labour the military context sometimes, but we believe Mobilize really does have the potential for a company to go to war on the competition - with fantastic functionality and far lower overheads than seen previously in mobile workforce management.

The beauty of Mobilize though is its cost-effectiveness and adaptability across wide range of applications in the mobile comms field, everything from a highly mobile sales force to fast-fix engineering team who can be deployed to hot spots and breakdowns and quickly report back to base and, conversely draw on information, data and history logged at HQ.

What's more, getting your current head office hardware and software to talk to the Mobilize system is easy, but my team and I can make that happen fast if you haven't the necessary resources in-house.

We mobilized our best resources to open a new front in mobile worker management and we reckon that those who ask for a free demonstration of its power won’t wait to 'Go Mobilize' – whatever your needs, come and talk."